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Mold: A Tough Contender

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall and ceiling. Did you know that using bleach on mold is a common misconception

Keeping your Manda, TX, business running smoothly also means ensuring the indoor conditions are optimal for employees, vendors and guests. When the unmistakable musty odor of mold rears its ugly head, it means it’s time for some fungus cleanup. While it might be tempting to hastily wipe it down with available cleaning supplies, mold is a durable and touch microorganism that isn’t so easy to get rid of.

Mold Cleanup Misconceptions

When it’s time to cleanup mold, there are three common misconceptions.

Bleach Will Kill It. This cleanser may be suitable for various tasks, but mold isn’t one of them. First, bleach can lose its effectiveness due to evaporation. Second, and most importantly, it doesn’t have the killing power needed to battle mold. Ideal for cleaning surfaces, bleach can’t penetrate porous surfaces, which is where mold loves to grow. Also, the water in the bleach has the potential to fuel growth.
There Is Only One Problem Area. Once you see mold, it has progressed to a stage in the process in which mold spores are already floating through the air to find a new, unaffected area to start a new colony. If not properly cleaned, the tools used during the process could also be spreading mold to other areas.
It’s Gone If It Can’t Be Seen. Once the mold patch is no longer visible, some might assume the problem is solved. Unfortunately, mold is tricky. It can grow behind walls and underneath flooring and carpeting. If it isn’t found, it will quickly spread.

Proper Cleanup
Any kind of fungus cleanup is best left to the professionals. A trained mold damage and remediation expert will have the tools and expertise to find hidden mold and water issues, properly contain and eradicate the mold, and restore your property back to being mold-free.
The funky smell of mold and how easy it spreads makes fungus cleanup an immediate necessity. Before tackling it on your, get some professional help to ensure the problem is solved for good.

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