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Why Does Bread Get Moldy?

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on bread Yikes! Bread mold!

It happens to everyone at some point. You buy a fresh, delicious loaf of bread and store it on the counter or in a cabinet. A few days later, you open the bread and — yikes! Bread mold! To understand what causes those fuzzy-looking green, blue, white, or gray patches of mold to appear on your bread or other food items, you need to know a little bit about the way mold functions.

Where Does Mold Come From?

The air in Austin, TX — and everywhere else — is filled with microscopic mold spores. These airborne spores are inactive, and they’ll remain dormant until they land in a place with both moisture and a food source. When that happens, the mold spores become active and begin to feed, grow, and multiply, eventually forming colonies.

What Counts as a Food Source?
For mold spores to activate and grow, they need water and food. The water requirements for fungus growth aren’t much: for example, a slice of bread contains enough moisture for a bread mold colony to thrive. Most of the surfaces in your home can serve as a potential food source for active mold, including:

  • Drywall
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • Carpeting and rugs
  • Paper
  • Drapes and upholstery
  • Food scraps

What About Refrigerated Foods?
While mold is most prolific in warm, humid environments, many kinds of mold can grow in cooler environments, including inside your refrigerator. If you notice fridge mold frequently, that could be a sign that the air in your home has an abnormally high concentration of mold spores.

How Much Mold Is Normal?
All household air contains mold spores, but some homes have higher mold levels than others. If you notice an increase in moldy food, see mold in other places, or detect a musty smell, your home could have excessive mold counts. A certified mold remediation specialist can test your home’s mold levels.
The occasional bread mold is a normal occurrence and is no cause for concern. However, if you encounter mold more frequently, consider scheduling a mold inspection.

Here to Help After The Winter Storm

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

green SERVPRO semi trucks At SERVPRO Team Jones, we are no strangers of disaster.

The chain of events that began the week before Valentine’s Day has been a never-before-seen national disaster. The ice and snow that quickly piled up, the subzero temperatures that marched in with it, as well as the 50-60 mph winds across many states paralyzed daily life. All in all, 150 million people in 25 states, in a 2000 mile stretch from southern Texas to northern Maine were affected. Over 5 million people were without power, along with hundreds of thousands without water, sewer and natural gas including many of our own teammates.

At SERVPRO Team Jones, we are no strangers of disaster and over the last 15 years our Large Loss Disaster Recovery Team has traveled coast to coast helping those in need. This time around, it was OUR backyard and OUR neighbors who needed the help. With over 30,000 calls in the last two weeks for disaster cleanup, SERVPRO has hundreds of crews from across the country that are leaving their home states to help. Many of these men and women spent months away from their families and friends recently helping our friends on the Gulf Coast.

While the heavy snow and ice did delay many of these crews from being able to hit the road, as well as most trucking services ceasing operations, reinforcements are still coming in daily to help. As neighbors, we’d like to ask for your patience and understanding as our disaster recovery crews are working 7 days a week to put our community back together one building and one family at a time. Many of these crews are working 14-16 hours a day but their relentless servant hearts won’t let them give up on you.

We’re human- we’re going to make mistakes, we’re going to drop the ball sometimes and in a disaster this widespread we won’t be able to make it to every single loss as quickly as we want to. We will keep trying, we will keep working, we will keep drying, disinfecting, cleaning and restoring. It is what we do – it’s how we’re made – it’s what makes us tick.

If you happen to see one of those bright green SERVPRO trucks from here or from out of town– give them a wave. These real-life heroes are trying their best for you. A little smile or a wave is great encouragement to all those that left their friends and families behind to answer your calls for help. Thank you for understanding, thank you for trusting in us and thank you for believing in us.

How SERVPRO Can Make Your Business's Mold Remediation Process More Efficient

2/18/2021 (Permalink)

Bottom of a wall covered with black mold growth If you discover black mold in your building, don't panic.

Mold Remediation Process

Black mold isn't a pleasant thing to discover in your New Sweden, TX, business building. Fortunately, its presence doesn't need to be permanent. One of the most important steps to take going forward is calling a mold remediation company. This will allow you to have your building properly handled by experts. A particularly effective company in this regard is SERVPRO. If you want to know why, here's how SERVPRO can make your business's mold remediation process more efficient.

1. Quick Arrival
When it comes to remediating mold, swift work is vital. After all, you may be unable to use your building until it's done. SERVPRO is dedicated to responding quickly to reports of black mold, so you can start to get back to work soon enough. The company also asks a series of questions before sending people over, which ensures that the trip won't be delayed by a lack of necessary materials.

2. Various Containment Techniques
Containing fungus is an essential part of the remediation process. It ensures that the mold can't spread any further. These are a few techniques the experts use, particularly for more advanced issues:

  • Turning off HVAC systems and fans
  • Creating negative air pressure
  • Creating negative air chambers

Containing the mold quickly can greatly minimize the damage, so this is especially helpful.

3. Trained Specialists
Since SERVPRO specializes in mold and water restoration, you'll have help from experts in these fields. These professionals conduct assessments soon after arrival to determine what needs to be done. For instance, the workers may find that the mold is secondary damage from a more pressing problem.

4. Advanced Filtration Equipment
This may sound gross, but mold can live as microscopic spores in the air, especially in an area with high humidity. In order to get rid of it, SERVPRO professionals use a specialized method of filtration that involves HEPA vacuums and "air scrubbers". Doing so gets rid of the spores and stops the entities from spreading further.
If you discover black mold in your building, don't panic. SERVPRO experts can complete the remediation process with efficiency while you run your company.

How To Prevent a Mold Problem at Your Facility

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

air scrubber in an empty room, flood cuts performed on drywall. Concept Mold removal Mold removal services in Austin, TX

If you own or manage a business in Austin, TX, you probably take various precautions to ensure a clean and mold-free environment. Mold exists everywhere, but routine carpet cleaning and air quality inspections can prevent the spread of mold spores in your facility.

The Importance of Clean Carpets

Carpets are susceptible to mold because they tend to absorb moisture from:

  • Wet shoes
  • Spills
  • Leaks
  • Humidity

They also accumulate dirt and debris, despite the use of entrance doormats for wiping shoes. Once mold spores form, they actively feed on organic substances comprising or trapped within the carpet's fibers. As the spores multiply, they can spread into the air, necessitating a professional mold remediation company's services. Carpet cleaning can discourage mold formation by removing dirt before it accumulates, and HEPA vacuums can extract spores before they multiply.

Mold in The Air
Most office buildings' air contains some mold, that does not necessarily lead to mold problems; however, significant amounts of mold can develop if condensation builds around plumbing pipes or within an HVAC system. Routine inspections and maintenance, including leak repairs, air filter changes, air duct cleaning and humidity control, can contain the amount of mold in the air. If you experience persistent problems relating to these systems or suspect mold, you may want to schedule a professional air quality inspection.

Invisible Signs of Mold
Although rigorous carpet cleaning and systems maintenance can go a long way toward preventing mold spores from spreading through the air, once you determine that mold exists, it is critical to take action.
Mold can be invisible, but a musty odor and employees with persistent allergy symptoms could indicate mold problems requiring aggressive measures that require your business's temporary closure.
Although many unforeseen circumstances can cause excess moisture that can lead to mold formation, routine cleaning, along with other maintenance efforts, can prevent mold problems or your facility's temporary closure in Austin, TX.

How To Prevent Mold in the Bathroom

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold fungus growing in damp poorly ventilated bath areas. Mold tile joints with fungus due to condensation moisture Mold in bathroom

Tips To Prevent Mold In Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a high-risk area for mold as every part of a bathroom functions with water. Whether it is through regular everyday use or from a leaky pipe or faucet, water damage and mold occur easily in this often damp environment. Be proactive in preventing mold in your bathroom in Pflugerville, TX, through following these tips.

1. Keep the Tile Dry
After bathing, always wipe down tile walls if grout is present. Allowing water to sit and soak into tile and grout provides a terrific environment for mold to grow. Use a bathmat after getting out of the shower to keep the floors dry, and regularly dry out and launder the bathmat. Quickly dry any water that does reach the floor. Spills and overflows from a sink, toilet, or bathtub should always be dried and cleaned up promptly.

2. Clean the Bathroom Regularly
Make every effort to regularly clean your bathroom. In addition to keeping the sink, toilet, and shower sanitized, regular cleaning helps cut down the development of mold and mildew. Clean the counters and floors whenever they unexpectedly get wet. Check for leaky pipes under the cabinet. When you are in the habit of cleaning and inspecting all aspects of your bathroom, you will more easily notice new mold growth and prevent water damage from a leaky pipe. If you do discover damage or mold to be a problem, mold remediation specialists should be consulted for cleanup.

3. Use a Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Moisture helps mold grow. An easy step in mold prevention is to use a bathroom exhaust fan. Exhaust fans help to dispel the moisture that builds up from a hot shower or bath. Either run the fan as you bathe to prevent the moisture buildup or make a habit of turning it on for a few minutes every time you dry off.
Mold and mildew thrive in warm moist environments. By keeping your bathroom clean and dry, and routinely checking for any water damage in hidden spots, you can prevent the growth of mold in your bathroom.

Why Is There Mold in My Home?

10/7/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on a wall Mold damage in a Cele, TX home

A musty smell in your house is not just an annoyance. It could also be a sign of black mold damage to your Cele, TX, home. This mold grows quickly in moist areas and can destroy your belongings. To deal with the odor, you first must figure out where it is coming.

Locating the Source of the Mold

Mold can grow in many different areas of your home. Some of the most common locations are:

  • Crawlspaces
  • Basements
  • HVAC units
  • Drain lines
  • Windows
  • Pipes
  • Appliances

Mold needs water in order to thrive. If you see mold after it rains, the rainwater is likely leaking into your house. You should thus check the basement, crawlspace, roof, and attic for possible seepage. Rainwater may also enter your home through the windows if they are not properly installed.
Mold could also be a sign of a moisture problem in your appliances or pipes. Even your freezer and refrigerator could be sources of black mold. Check the gaskets and drip pans regularly. Make sure the drain lines in your washing machine are installed correctly, as well.

Removing the Mold
If the nasty smell in your home persists, you should check your house for mold. Testing kits are available online. You can also hire a professional to determine the extent and source of the problem.
You should not try to handle mold by yourself. You could end up just making the issue worse. Instead, contact mold cleanup specialists who can safely remove the fungus from your house.
Once the black mold is gone, you can take additional steps to make sure it does not come back. Since moist air encourages mold growth, you should make sure the laundry room, basement, bathrooms, and kitchen are properly ventilated.
Do not ignore the musty smell in your home. Locate the source of the odor, and, if necessary, bring in mold remediation specialists to address the fungus.

Typical Places To Find Mold Growth in the Office

8/21/2020 (Permalink)

black mold growth on bathroom wall Mold growth on bathroom wall in Austin, TX

Common Places Where Mold Grows

In the workplace, you need an environment that allows you to safely and effectively accomplish your daily tasks. You also want to work somewhere that is clean and tidy. Finding mold growth in the office can be unsightly and concerning. No place is immune to this type of problem. It takes vigilance to keep mold at bay. If you suspect there may be mold at work, or if you're worried about the prospects of finding some, there are some common places where it grows.

Around Appliances
Mold requires certain conditions to grow and thrive. There must be high humidity and moisture present. You may not even realize that you have a water problem at your Austin, TX, workplace. An issue such as a leak or broken pipe could exist for weeks, months or even years until you detect it. Mold often shows up close to appliances where water slowly trickles out. The appliance might even rupture or burst. Such appliances include:

  • Water heaters
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Washers

Look in the Bathroom
The bathroom is a common place to discover mold growth. There are a few reasons this occurs. First, there is a vast network of plumbing here, especially in larger commercial buildings. Any type of backups, blockages, or leaks could lead to fungal problems. Humidity levels can also be high here, so it's crucial to check the ventilation system often. Good airflow will reduce the risk of mold spreading.

Be Aware of Underground Levels
Any area of your building below ground might be more prone to mold issues than other places. Basements, cellars, and parking garages can be prime spots for water damage, increased humidity, and stagnant air. Inspect these spots regularly for the existence of mold.
You can avoid mold growth as you are aware of these areas where it appears. Frequently examine these places and call a professional mold remediation team if you need cleanup help.

What To Do When You Find Mold in Your Home

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold behind drywall Mold cleanup and removal in Manda, TX

Is That Mold?

You're walking through your house one day and spot a small discolored spec near your washing machine, sump pump, refrigerator, or vents. Is that mold? You have never had black mold before, but if that is what you're dealing with, what should you do? The first phone call to make it to a remediation company in Manda, TX, but then you need to take several steps to mitigate further damage.

1. Turn off your HVAC 2. Shut off the main water supply 3. Inspect your home

Turn Off You HVAC
Mold growth begins as microscopic spores. These spores are present everywhere you go. However, in your home, especially when you suspect a mold problem, you want to control how these spores interact with the space. Restricting airflow may contain the mold to only the affected area. Shutting down your HVAC system reduces the risk of the infestation spreading to other areas in your house.

Shut Off the Main Water Supply
Mold relies on moisture or water to thrive. The most common cause of a mold problem is a moisture problem. Therefore, until you can rule out a plumbing leak, you want to eliminate the fuel to the infestation before the mold cleanup. Turning off the water, if there is a leak, can help dry out the space.

Inspect Your Home
With the HVAC unit shut down and the water no longer flowing through your system, take a walk around your home. You want to look at the vents, behind furniture, and around appliances to see if there are any other signs of black mold. You may also want to look inside of cupboards and behind drawers.
No one wants to deal with black mold or an infestation, but if you have to, it pays to know how to respond immediately. Contact a mold remediation company in your areas to assess your property, and remember to turn off the HVAC and water supply to the affected area.

When Floods Strike, Speed Means Everything

6/10/2020 (Permalink)

Servpro vehicle parked in the street Responding to storm damage in Cele, TX

As time ticks away after a flood, the negative effects begin compounding. Businesses need help quickly. More specifically, they need a water damage restoration company that provides 24 hours, around-the-clock service, and can deliver prompt attention, even in the wee hours when only vampires are active in Cele, TX.

What Can Happen When a Business Gets Flooded

The first 24 hours after a flood are crucial. Here's why:

In just seconds, file cabinets containing critical records can be permeated and computers destroyed.
In a single day, a nasty smell can permeate the building, and any metal equipment or furniture can become irreparably harmed.
Between two days and a week after flooding, even more, serious damage may result, such as expensive wood floors bowing and cracking.

While that first 24 hour period is critical, once more than seven days have flown by, the expense of cleaning up the mess will have increased exponentially. In worst-case scenarios, the resale value of the space may become compromised forever.

Why It's Important To Receive a Rapid Damage Assessment

Any business can be brought to a standstill overnight when there’s a flood. That’s why it’s critical for an insurance claim to be made immediately. Without that, the cleanup can’t begin, and every additional day a company remains closed means more lost revenue.
Before that claim can be made, however, your property needs a thorough assessment — and it needs it ASAP. Fast response means less damage and decreased economic fallout. Because SERVPRO is always open, it's a preferred vendor for most insurance agencies. SERVPRO can send a team to any business within 60 minutes and provide an assessment within just eight hours. That means businesses will be able to make an insurance claim before things worsen.
Speedy, 24-hour turnaround is merely one way that SERVPRO, a nationally preferred vendor, is Here to Help. When the worst happens and a flood takes its toll, promptly starting the insurance claim process is a vital first step in mitigating unnecessary costs.

Best Methods for Taking Care of Leaking Toilets

6/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Logo. For any significant water damage, SERVPRO of Pflugerville has the experience and the equipment to remedy the situation "Like it never even happened."

In a commercial building, a bathroom can see a lot of use on any given day. This goes for both restrooms for employees and for customers. It can be a big chore to keep these units operational, but it is certainly a priority. A leaking toilet can cause an assortment of problems, ranging from dirty water on the floor to a tarnishing of a company's image.

Water damage is a situation that must be addressed immediately. A local water remediation franchise in Austin, TX, will arrive on the scene in less than four hours and clean up the mess according to the highest industry standards. If contaminated water is present, trained technicians will remove the water and disinfect all affected surfaces.

Toilet Repair
A basic toilet can go for years without failing. However, now and then problems occur and demand attention. A leaking toilet could be the result of several malfunctions. When a water leak is discovered, the following methods can be considered for repair:

Call a local plumber
Troubleshoot the situation
Allow the custodial staff to handle the repairs

In simple cases such as a leaking pipe, the best solution may be as simple as tightening a fitting. If the water is coming out of the base, the preferred solution is to remove the toilet and replace the old wax gasket with a new one that creates a water-tight seal.

Bathroom Maintenance
Regular maintenance by a licensed plumbing contractor is a good way to reduce problems associated with public restrooms. A professional can replace an old toilet with a new model or fix a leaking toilet. These actions can prevent the spillage of toilet water onto the flooring, an unpleasant situation that could result in injuries from people slipping and falling.

For any significant water damage, SERVPRO of Pflugerville has the experience and the equipment to remedy the situation "Like it never even happened."

Mold: A Tough Contender

5/10/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall and ceiling. Did you know that using bleach on mold is a common misconception

Keeping your Manda, TX, business running smoothly also means ensuring the indoor conditions are optimal for employees, vendors and guests. When the unmistakable musty odor of mold rears its ugly head, it means it’s time for some fungus cleanup. While it might be tempting to hastily wipe it down with available cleaning supplies, mold is a durable and touch microorganism that isn’t so easy to get rid of.

Mold Cleanup Misconceptions

When it’s time to cleanup mold, there are three common misconceptions.

Bleach Will Kill It. This cleanser may be suitable for various tasks, but mold isn’t one of them. First, bleach can lose its effectiveness due to evaporation. Second, and most importantly, it doesn’t have the killing power needed to battle mold. Ideal for cleaning surfaces, bleach can’t penetrate porous surfaces, which is where mold loves to grow. Also, the water in the bleach has the potential to fuel growth.
There Is Only One Problem Area. Once you see mold, it has progressed to a stage in the process in which mold spores are already floating through the air to find a new, unaffected area to start a new colony. If not properly cleaned, the tools used during the process could also be spreading mold to other areas.
It’s Gone If It Can’t Be Seen. Once the mold patch is no longer visible, some might assume the problem is solved. Unfortunately, mold is tricky. It can grow behind walls and underneath flooring and carpeting. If it isn’t found, it will quickly spread.

Proper Cleanup
Any kind of fungus cleanup is best left to the professionals. A trained mold damage and remediation expert will have the tools and expertise to find hidden mold and water issues, properly contain and eradicate the mold, and restore your property back to being mold-free.
The funky smell of mold and how easy it spreads makes fungus cleanup an immediate necessity. Before tackling it on your, get some professional help to ensure the problem is solved for good.

How Does Mold Infest a Large Space?

3/25/2020 (Permalink)

Removing drywall with mold Mold removal on Manda, TX

Understand These Three Things About Mold Growth

It's only a few fuzzy spots. Isn't that what homeowners in Manda, TX, tend to think about fungus? Surely with just a few sprays of bleach solution the problem will be solved. Nope. It's not that easy. In fact, that do-it-yourself mentality could actually encourage spreading mold throughout the space. Before you tackle the infestation on your own, understand these three things about mold growth.

1. It Is a Natural Decomposer

Spores such as black mold exist in nature as a functional source of decomposition. Existing everywhere, they combine with organic matter and liquid to break items down. For example, in the woods, it tackles the broken logs, helping the environment. However, in your home, it could eat away at drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles, and personal valuables. It's problematic, particularly in locations that are hot and humid. For that reason, you'll need to keep an eye out in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms, anywhere that may be dark and have increased temperature.

2. It Moves Quickly

The tiny microbes enter your home regularly. You pick them up outside and bring them inside with you. In addition, they could find their way in as you open doors and windows. The air conditioner, then, can pick up, spreading mold to various rooms. If it lands on something wet, breeding begins with fungus feasting on whatever matter it has found. Within days, advancement can occur.

3. It Needs Removal

If you smell a musty odor or notice changes in structure contact a mold remediation company. Often the home kits can't find the source of the excess fluid, and they can't eradicate the depth of the invasion. Rather, the experts can assess the area, determining the extent of the trouble. Then, they'll put together a plan to remove anything contaminated. By taking it out, you secure the area. In addition, they can identify why it began, fixing the origin.
Don't think a few spots aren't a problem. Instead, it could be a sign of spreading mold. Specialists can minimize the hazard, clean it and restore the location.

Is a SERVPRO Franchise Right For You?

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck box parked on a side way SERVPRO is Faster to any size disaster

Being a Cele,TX, business-owner may seem daunting at first. As a SERVPRO Franchisee, you would oversee many jobs related to disaster recovery. These jobs are often complex and may feel overwhelming. Fortunately, SERVPRO provides Franchisees with a range of support and training.

What Types of Services Do Franchises Offer?

Every Franchise is unique and will vary in their offerings. The major factors determining the services rendered are the strengths of the Franchisee and the needs of the local community. However, SERVPRO primarily focuses on restoration projects relating to the following:

  • Storm damage
  • Mold growth
  • Fire
  • Flooding

SERVPRO's corporate offices offer document drying services, which can be offered through local Franchises. In addition to these disaster recovery services, some Franchises have expanded to include ancillary services, such as bio-hazard cleanup and ductwork cleaning.

What Types of Support Does SERVPRO Provide Franchise Owners?

SERVPRO prides itself on making the startup process as smooth as possible for its Franchisees. Some of the services provided during the initial phases include a 17-day training program at SERVPRO's training school and assistance from a Business Development Program Specialist. During the first six months of operation, Franchisees continue to receive post-graduation support and monthly visits from a Business Development Program Specialist. After those six months, owners and employees continue to receive SERVPRO-created continuing education and training.
In addition to training and other behind-the-scenes help, SERVPRO also has a system in place to assist its smaller Franchises after large storms. The Large Loss Division provides supplementary equipment and personnel to help with storm response in instances where an individual Franchise cannot meet its customers' needs.
Owning a disaster recovery service can be challenging. That's why SERVPRO works so hard to support its Franchisees, with everything from startup training to supplementary personnel in order to help every Franchise succeed. You can visit for more information about opening a franchise in your area.

4 Tips for Creating a Fire Escape Plan for Your Business

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

EXIT sign Know where all of the exits are

4 Tips for Creating a Fire Escape Plan for Your Business

While the thought of a fire in your Manda, TX, building is certainly not a pleasant one, it is a possibility that you will need to consider. It is important to create a fire escape plan to keep both yourself and your employees safe during an emergency. The following are some steps you should take.

1. Locate All Possible Exits

In order to create the best emergency escape plan for your business, you should know where all of the exits are. For lower levels, this will include windows as well as doors. It may be helpful to keep a map of the building in each room and in the hallways so you can easily locate the nearest exit.

2. Create Multiple Escape Routes

During a fire, you may not be able to safely make it through your preferred escape route. For this reason, you should have multiple paths that you can take. Create at least two for each area in the building.

3. Decide On a Meetup Area

It is unlikely that everyone in the building will be in the same place when a fire occurs. You will need to take different paths outside, and it can be easy to lose track of where everyone is. To make it easier to determine if everyone has made it out safely, you should have a designated meeting spot outside the building.

4. Practice Regularly

Of course, creating the perfect fire escape plan will do no good if you don’t practice it. You should have fire drills at least twice a year to make sure everyone knows how to make it outside from different areas. It will also help everyone remember where to go once they have exited the building.
If there is an emergency where you need to use your fire escape plan and it results in damage to the building, you should contact a fire damage remediation service. These professionals will be able to make repairs and restore the building along with many affected belongings.

Hygienist Testing Versus DIY Mold Kits

11/28/2019 (Permalink)

Aspergillus (mold) for Microbiology in Lab. Professional hygienists have the training and qualifications to provide accurate and complete results

Hygienist Testing Versus DIY Mold Kits

It's easy to recognize a mold problem when there's visible evidence. Unfortunately, mold is often hiding where you can't see it. How can you deal with a problem that you can't see? If you suspect mold growth, you need to contact an industrial hygienist for testing and to set up mold cleaning. It isn't enough to buy a kit at your local home improvement store. Those kits are notorious for providing false results. The only real option is to hire a Cele,TX, professional.

What You Need To Know About Air Sampling

You can't get rid of mold without knowing that it's there. When hygienists arrive at your home to collect air and surface samples, they'll determine if mold carries

  • Allergens
  • Pathogens
  • Toxins

Sometimes, mold harbors a combination of two or all three of these. After hygienists determine the presence of mold and provide an understanding of the composition of the mold, mold remediation and cleanup professionals determine the type of mold you're dealing with and how widespread the mold growth has become.

Why You Can't Handle It Yourself

Many homeowners are comfortable handling repairs and minor home disasters on their own. However, attempting to tackle mold cleaning on your own can become an expensive mistake. The handy kits that you can pick up at a store near you don't have the sensitivity to give accurate answers about mold concentrations. If a DIY kit were to give a false negative, you may believe there isn't a mold problem when mold damage is actually widespread. On the other hand, a false positive could lead to mold remediation costs that weren't necessary.

Industrial Hygienists and Mold Cleanup and Remediation Professionals

Professional hygienists have the training and qualifications to provide accurate and complete results. If those professional results show that you do have a problem, Cele,TX, mold cleaning and remediation experts can clean the air and surfaces of your home.

Here to Help

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

Local, and ready when you need us.

SERVPRO of Pflugerville specializes in restoration of residential or business properties following a fire damage, water damage, mold damage, or storm damage. 

We are an independently owned and operated franchise, part of a nationwide network of over 1700 others who can unite together when required to ensure that those who need help are able to receive it.

We don't just wear green...we bleed it. SERVPRO of Pflugerville has gathered a team of people who are well-versed in the art of restoration, who have trained and continue to train to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. We want to utilize our strengths to benefit our community. 

If you suffer a loss at your home or business, please give us a call. We're committed to serving our neighbors when disaster strikes, and do life beside them as well.

Rookie of the Year 2014

7/6/2019 (Permalink)

2014 Rookie of the Year Award: SERVPRO of Pflugerville

At our national convention this past month, SERVPRO of Pflugerville was proud to applaud a fellow franchise from our very own directorship who received the very distinguished Rookie of the Year Award.

Seeing them recognized for their achievements reminded us of when we were honored to receive the very same award in 2014. After we got our start, we were privileged to work alongside local agents, adjusters, staff, friends, family, and customers to provide restoration services for people in our community impacted by fire damage, water damage, mold damage, and storm damage.

After experiencing a loss, it's our passion to help make your commercial or residential property "Like it never even happened." Since receiving the Rookie of the Year Award, we have added experience, team members, equipment, loyal customers, and friends in the community. Should you experience damage to your property, please give us a call.

SERVPRO of Pflugerville is Part of Our Community

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Pflugerville loves being a part of their community.

At SERVPRO of Pflugerville, we like to give back to our community. We achieve this by participating in and sponsoring local events.

One non-profit that we support is the Pflugerville Education Foundation, by taking part in their golf tournament. They are a great local organization that provides resources to help students reach their full potential. It was created by local businesses and community leaders to make a positive impact on public education; specifically within Pflugerville ISD.

Another way we get the word out about what we do, and how we are involved locally is by being a sponsor in community events, like the PFamily PFestival & Expo.

As often as possible, we like to get involved in community events to help homeowners and give back however we can.

In the Event of Mold...

7/1/2019 (Permalink)

If you suspect or discover mold growth in your home or business, here are some things to do and some to avoid.

If you see visible mold in your home or business, do not disturb it. By attempting to clean it or remove it yourself, you can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home.

In the event that you do discover mold in your property, contact SERVPRO of Pflugerville right away. While waiting for our professional technicians to arrive, stay out of the affected areas, to limit your exposure. Turning off the HVAC system and fans will prevent any mold spores from being further circulated throughout the building.

Do not touch or disturb the mold. Avoid blowing air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth. Leave the drying of the area to the professionals - we want to ensure that the area is properly cleaned. While it may be tempting to spray the area with bleach or other disinfectants, don't. Our crews are equipped with proprietary solutions that help remove mold and prevent it from reoccurring.

If you suspect or see mold growth, call SERVPRO of Pflugerville today, and we will safely and efficiently mitigate your mold damage.